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Lower your interest rate.

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Increase your line of credit.

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Get more bonus points.

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Reduce your monthly payments.

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Consolidate your credit.

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Want to apply for a Credit Card or Loan but not sure what you will get approved for? See our helpful chart below.

750-850 Excellent
720-749 Very Good
  • Most favorable interest rate.
  • Lower monthly lease or loan payment.
  • Higher likelihood of qualifying for a lease or loan.
  • Access to incentives offered by the manufacturer or seller.

660-719 Good
580-659 Fair
  • Higher down payment may be needed.
  • Co-signer may be necessary.
  • You many not be able to qualify for the loan at that amount which means a less expensive purchase may need to be considered.

500-579 Poor
300-499 Very Poor
  • Credit may be denied altogether but there are options!

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Do you have bad credit? Not a problem! We can still help you get a credit card.

Many people think that just because they have bad credit they don't have options - this is not true! You have have a couple of routes to go down depending on where your credit score is.

There are unsecured credit cards, secured credit cards, & prepaid cards. Each card provides its own unique benefits and will help you rebuild your credit.

The goal is to be responsible, make your minimum payments and keep your revolving balance on the card below 50%. Once you decide what kind of card you want, we can match you with the best offers!
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Unsecured credit cards are built specifically for people with okay/bad credit. Although approval is not guaranteed, this is a great option to help rebuild your credit as long as you can make timely payments. Make sure to try and pay your entire balance monthly or at least make your minimum payments to help build your credit!

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Prepaid credit cards are another fantastic option if you are unable to get approved for a secured or unsecured card. You get the convenience of being able to use plastic and not having to carry around cash. These credit cards act in a similar fashion to a debit card where the fund are taken directly out of the account as you spend the funds.

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Catalog cards are great for establishing a better credit rating if you have bad credit. They usually have minimal requirements for approval and sometimes guaranteed approval. Purchases are limited to specific online stores or catalogs.

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